Our People

The AutoKeepers® Team​

With the AutoKeepers® fixed operations team having over 20 years experience in Automotive Service, Repair and Retail, coupled with extensive technical training and skills, you can rest assured that the AutoKeepers® team are well placed to service all of your Automotive needs.

Our commitment to providing meaningful service to others does not stop at just our customers, We also offer All our team members exceptional levels of support and company benefits ensuring they are optimally positioned to offer you the AutoKeepers® experience time and time again.

We know if our people love what they do, are proud of the organisation they stand to serve, while being motivated by a shared vision, they will, in turn, proudly serve our customers to the best of their abilities.

So If your car is not Kept by AutoKeepers®, it might not be…..getting kept right for you. 

Auto Professionals providing you with value & peace of mind allowing you to enjoy your car as it was intended!
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