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AutoKeepers Car Services​

Lacking in regular car services is likely to create more problems or cost you more money due to damaging other components or causing premature damage to the existing mechanical parts. Repairs on your vehicle could be needed for a variety of reasons from engine failure to a dead battery, failed starter motor or alternator, overheating, brakes fading or failing even frequent stalling. Your vehicle should be looked at as soon as possible if anything seems out of the ordinary.

AutoKeepers® offer repairs and services to keep your vehicle running as it should. We have many fixed price services, and three levels of care for routine maintenance, not excluding all log book services, upon all inspections you will be provided a quote from our certified technicians before we do any work.

This way you are always in control, and everything we do is about Keeping it right for you™. This means truly understanding your needs, and working with you closely at all times to have those needs met.

Your vehicle manufacturer recommends based on the age or kilometres of your vehicle, schedules for performing some services, as such Log Book services can vary from vehicle to vehicle.

Following the schedule is the best way to make sure your vehicle is performing as it should at all times and keep your Warranty up to date. 

Why Choose AutoKeepers?​

Other great reasons to enjoy using AutoKeepers®……

We service, repair and maintain all models & we keep your family safe & your car reliable!

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