Free Second Opinion Reports

Getting a Second Opinion​

If you feel you need or want to get a second opinion, than that of the dealership or an inspecting Mechanic shop simply:-

» Explain to your Mechanic or specialist that you need to consider your options and would like advice from another industry specialist. All reputable businesses will welcome this. Us included.

» Ask your Mechanic or Dealership to give you, your cars repair history, including any test results and any reports, such as OBD print outs, photos and video files.

» For a professional and objective second opinion refer your local AutoKeepers® expert.

Making informed Automotive decisions​​

To make an informed decision about your Automotive needs, be honest with your expert automotive service team. If your car has recently had to undergo a minor or major surgery please advise the experts as this information can be critical in finding you the answers you need. Withholding critical information about a complex vehicle diagnoses never makes it cheaper, and in-fact costs more in the long run.

An important part of being involved in your auto-care plan is learning how to make decisions and how to talk with your automotive care team. It may be that you want to get a second opinion because you do not understand your mechanics diagnosis or recommendation. You have every right to better understand what is happening with your car. It is fine to ask your Mechanic more questions and ask for a second opinion so you can fully understand your autocare issue and service/ repair options.

To get a free appraisal and second view on your car just Phone 1800KEEPERS and we will gladly assist you. We take as little, or as long as you like to explain, and assist with Video & Pictures of the more complex works for better understanding. 

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