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Joining the AutoKeepers ® Team Will Give You Access To:-

AutoKeepers®  Choosing An Automotive Career

Choosing an Automotive career is a major commitment to providing meaningful service for others, This career choice that can be a life changing journey.

We are constantly looking for the ‘exceptional few’ to join our team of industry improvement visionary’s and future business partners.

With strict selection criteria ensuring only the highest standards of personal character are recruited – We see professional and personal growth as a duty, a responsibility to our brand, our purpose and our community.

The AutoKeepers® vision holds true that; 

We can and will improve the lives of others, we can and will improve the face of the automotive service and repair industry.

A career partnership with AutoKeepers® ensures that you will surround yourself with growth driven experts, that will help you thrive In a comfortable, safe, and highly engaged workplace. If you are interested in doing your best – We are committed to helping you be your best!

AutoKeepers® are a team of highly motivated, wildly ambitious, car obsessed, auto-industry service professionals aiming to deliver the community a uniquely enhanced buying experience.

“A team that are committed to the improvement of as many lives as possible within our reach.” To join our team, or just to learn of opportunities on offer, please send a cover letter together with your C.V.

Attn: The Hiring Manager Email: info@autokeepers.com.au

Employment Expression of Interest Form

To apply for a job or Car Service Franchise business opportunity with AutoKeepers®, simply send a cover letter together with your C.V. to: info@autokeepers.com.au or fill out the details in Employment Expression of Interest Form.


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