Contactless Collection Drop Off

AutoKeepers Contactless Pick-Up & Delivery

AutoKeepers® being an essential service provider, are committed to Keeping it right for you™ and delivering you unrivalled care and services.

We provide a personalised service, handling everything for you, saving you time, trouble and money. Here’s how we can (on request) make sure your car pickup and delivery is contactless:-

1. Customer books directly with AutoKeepers® where instructions and time are agreed

2. On the agreed date and time AutoKeepers® pickup the car and bring it to the workshop

3. AutoKeepers® then completes the service or inspection as agreed

4. Customer receives contact via their chosen media with details of the report, once it’s decided what we are to do (or not to do). The car is repaired sanitized and made ready for re-delivery

5. Payment is arranged in a contactless way by AutoKeepers® many payments options

6. We then safely return your vehicle as arranged – confirm you have receipt of the car. And that’s it, you have had a contactless service.

How do I get a quote?

Call us on PH: 1800 KEEPERS. 
You’ll be connected to the local
AutoKeepers® team to discuss your needs and get a customised quote and experience.

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