We Keep Your Family Safe & Your Car Reliable

We Simplify Car Servicing & Repairs
By Keeping It Right For You™

Our unique mission, vision and values are focused on people, cars and solutions.

We understand that every person and every car is different, requiring a unique approach to car care.

Fixed price service & repair options, ensure you get your automotive needs met in a predictable and transparent way, with added value and convenience.

AutoKeepers® guarantee all repairs & services. We’re so sure our service and advice will be right for you – We Guarantee it!. 

Your Expert Partners in the Automotive Service & Repair Industry

With over 20 years of automotive expertise the AutoKeepers® system was developed to overcome the “Car maintenance experience” being too stressful, confusing and underwhelming for most consumers.

We offer a transparent buying experience backed by our accountability driven culture, for results that help you make productive and informed car service & car repair choices, While also simplifying the complex nature of cars – keeping you driving safely.

AutoKeepers® therefore places you in the driver’s seat of your own experience and guarantee the best possible results when servicing and repairing your car.

Our Services

Keeping it right for you™
Service You Deserve At Prices You Can Afford

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